The Value of Personal Health Records

Maintaining a record about the different aspects of health is an important and mandatory step for all the hospitals and clinics. The simplest benefit offered is: this system helps the hospitals to keep a track of the progress of the patients while, the patients will have a record of all the treatments and tests they have undergone. There are numerous other benefits that a health record can serve to the hospitals and the patients. With the advent of information technology the whole world is going digital and health records are not left behind. While many of the hospitals are opting for digitalizing its processes, patients and their caregivers are also looking forward for an easier way to maintain all the data assembled during their course of treatment.

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record (PHR) refers to the medical information regarding one’s health or disease that is maintained and controlled by the individual, and can be shared with others, including caregivers, family members and providers. An individual can store data about their personal health data such as height, weight, medical conditions suffering from, medications being taken, allergies etc. Additionally, he/she can also store the results of all the medical tests conducted.

As the world is getting digitalized, health records are being widely stored in electronic formats which increase the ease of access at individual points and transfer across different departments or hospitals. For the benefit of patients different electronic record companies are offering free services to help them store their medical data in the electronic format.

Importance of PHRs

While the hospitals are required to store the data related to the visits, medical procedures and tests conducted on the patients, it is beneficial for the patient or the caregivers to have a personal copy of all the tests and procedures being performed. Not only does it helps to keep a track of the progress of the condition, but also has numerous other benefits. These can include: ease of access to medical care, faster prescriptions, proof in medicolegal cases, ease of transfer to other hospitals, easier storage of all medical data and many more.

Growing value of PHRs

The healthcare industry has grown in leaps and bounds while the patient awareness is also on the rise. With the increased access to internet patients and their caregivers are giving a high importance to health and want to be in control of their health. Maintaining a PHR gives them this benefit wherein they have the freedom to visit any doctor or hospital they want without having to wait until all the related data has been sent across. Medical history is one of the vital requirements while prescribing newer diagnostic tests or following different treatment protocols.